The irony of magma’s temperature

What is the earth made off? The inner core is iron under high pressure. Then we have the outer core made of heavy metals, the mantle made out of hot liquid rock, and finally the crust on which we all live. Alright, this is a globally accepted scheme. Although, why after all those billions of years that the earth exists is that rock, the magma, still hot and liquid? Didn't it have more than enough time to cool down to a solid state? 

Sure, people say it heats up through friction when it flows under the earth's crust, and radioactivity of metals. But, if you're telling me that the magma is kept at a specific temperature just from some natural processes... that means that we've got a naturally occuring perpetual mechanism right under our feet? And that being while it's been proven that perpetual mechanisms don't and can't exist... Weird isn't it?

Well, I could be wrong in all that and the magma just didn't have the time to cool down yet because the crust is a good temperature isolator. Although thinking about how hot it gets in the summer with, in extreme circumstances, the asphalt melting. While in normal circumstances you can feel the ground actualy getting warm, that means the temperature must be able to escape pretty easily into our atmosphere.

So how do you think our magma is kept at such a high temperature for such a long time? Maybe I'm wrong about all this and you can prove me wrong? Let me know in the comment section below, and I'll see you next time!


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