Intro to python

Hello everyone! I thought why not give people a simple introduction to python coding, because personally I know I have had a hard time finding an easy to understand tutorial in the past. So by doing this I hope to ease the pressure from some of you who might have been in the same situation.


In this article, I will cover:

  • hello world program

Now let's start, shall we?

Hello world!

Open your text editor which will probably be gedit for Ubuntu


print("Hello World!")


save the file as "" and remember where you saved it

now open the terminal and change to the directory where you saved the file
for me it's going to be

cd tutorials/

now type


and this is what you should get

So what does all this code mean?

Our code has three parts:

  1. print
  2. ()
  3. "Hello World!"

1: "print" tells python that whatever is up next, is to be printed on the screen

2: the parentheses can be regarded as a container for the content to be printed (They are not needed in the 2.x Python versions)

3: this is the text to be printed, the quotes around it indicate that this is a string


This is it for now. If you're into computers please consider checking out and bye bye!


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