A nightmare story – part 2

I'm at the door. I can feel my heart beating in my legs. I just ran 6 miles, crossing on red lights, jumping over dogs. I think I accidentally bumped into an old lady. My hands are like wet noodles trying to hang on to the door handle while opening it. I slam the door behind me and run to my bedroom. I want to fall asleep. I want this to end. I can still hear her voice. Wait, did she say anything? Am I imagining things? Please let this end. I get in bed, and I wake up.

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How to start up an aquarium/fish tank

post front image showing the inside of an aquarium
  1. Decide what size aquarium/fish tank you want
  2. Get a filter, aeration, and a heater for tropical fish
  3. Cycle your aquarium
  4. Research the fish before you buy it

Having been completely new to the aquariumist hobby we were looking for information anywhere we could find it. Interestingly some details get left out very often as if they're common knowledge everyone knows anyway. I decided to share what we've learned including all the little details to hopefully make it easier you.

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