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I'm somehow finally able to cooperate with my dad, and helping him get a few websites up. Started out just learning a chunk of web administering (is that a word?) like installing WordPress, basic MariaDB commands. Although even before that I had to get my computer to a working state as we just assembled a new one for me and obviously the software is a lot harder to deal with than the hardware. So installing Windows first, then dealing with Ubuntu drivers. Ended up reinstalling Ubuntu altogether.

I've been working, learning like that since pretty much my "winter break" started which is more of a break in between terms at a community college, but I guess they specifically make this break longer.

First week of work was mostly me learning the basics, now yesterday I finally put up SSL/https on 775mv.com, this site and vladimir.patrushin.com so they are secure now. (I describe how it's done here) It's already getting dark outside and feels like evening, but it's only just nearing 16:00, weird how winter time feels. And I still want to put up https on myelectrons.ru and myelectrons.com which are currently just http which google doesn't like. So yeah I gotta fix that but my dad wanted me to wait so he could watch me do it... I'm waiting xD Edit: we put up https for all the websites we have. Still need to configure ssl renewal though...

The cp and mv commands still get me from time to time. Like they just sometimes work in a different way than I expect them to even though I know how they work. Sometimes it ends up in a huge unnecessary tree of folders, and makes me wish I had access to some gui of the system to move folders around with a mouse. I mean half the time, half the terminal gets filled up with with a bunch of ls commands and you feel like you just want to pin the command output or put it in another window where it also updates itself... Maybe I'll make a script that does that.

Very first thing I did was installing a LAMP server and you can see how I did it here. Then installing WordPress was like that thing that seems humongous until you cut it to pieces. It ended up being easier than I thought. Although there were nasty hiccups on the way that I didn't see coming just because the lack of experience like the browser not able to access the website because the directory attribute is the wrong one. I didn't get that until it was pointed out to me. When I installed WordPress though it told me it wanted a newer version of PHP. That confused me at first because when trying to just install any available updates on the system the PHP version stayed the same. Then my dad showed me how to do it, and I describe how to do it here

Now this website is what I consider to be like a playground for myself to try out a lot of different cool things I find, and maybe incorporate some of them into our other websites. I wanted to try and make an emailing system so that I could type up an email and it sends it to all subscribers. Although that makes more sense to do if I'll be selling something... So not quite sure about that yet. Also, not sure if it's possible to do the way I think of doing it, but I'm thinking of making easter egg pages on here and if you manage to find them... well congrats! It'll be our little secret 🙂 This leads me to think about putting in little tiny hints inside my posts that'll lead you to those easter egg pages. May or may not do it, I don't know yet how it will work out. I heard my brother found a nice plugin with buttons for social media. I'll ask him about that when I get the chance.

Finally, being able to cooperate with my dad means I feel like I'm connecting back to my family more, and able to get some of the long forgotten Christmas/New year spirit feeling which is so... Awesome.

Merry Christmas! 🙂

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